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Pilot in Light Aircraft

Mentoring programs


Youth Flyers

The Aviation Society of Greater Kansas City is an organization that is dedicated to providing youth age kids with the opportunity to learn how to fly airplanes. Our mission is to provide affordable, hands-on flight training in a safe and supportive environment. Through our program, students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become certified pilots.We are proud to offer a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of flight, from ground school to solo flight. Our instructors are experienced pilots who provide our students with the guidance and support they need to become successful aviators. We also host special events and seminars to help our students become confident and knowledgeable pilots.

Become A Mentor

The Aviation Society of Greater Kansas City is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and educating individuals in the field of aviation. We strive to create a supportive and engaging environment where people can come together and learn from each other.Our mission is to provide a platform where members can explore the world of aviation and discover their passion. We offer a variety of workshops and events to help members gain the skills and knowledge they need to become successful aviation mentors. Our goal is to help create the next generation of aviation professionals.



Senior Citizen Flyers

Mentoring senior citizens in flight school is a growing trend in aviation education, as older adults look to fulfill their lifelong dream of flying. With the help of experienced mentors, these individuals can learn the necessary skills and knowledge to become licensed pilots. Many flight schools offer programs specifically designed for seniors, with flexible schedules and accommodations to suit their unique needs, making it possible for them to achieve their goals of taking to the skies. These programs also provide an opportunity for older adults to stay engaged, active, and continue learning, even in their golden years.

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